SAP Successfactors (Human Capital Management)

We have a human capital with a vast experience in projects of implementation of «Human Capital Management» solutions, focused on the central issues such as human talent management, training, personnel management, management and measurement of objectives, compensation issues , succession and development and finally the payroll.

Our consultants come from the traditional SAP HCM world and have been certified and implemented in new tools such as Successfactors. This is an important differentiator when choosing the company that will implement SF, if the client has the ERP with SAP.”

SAP ATTP (Advance Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals)

«Track and Trace Advanced SAP for Pharmaceuticals» provides a solution repository management numbers and corporate policy serial interfaces and report content versions by country. The solution offers packages that allow you to be in compliance with the directives specific country reports and integrates with SAP ERP and warehouse processing, packaging lines and partners in the supply chain. Through Co-Innovation with 10 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, the solution enables compliance with directives serializarían worldwide. This applies to manufacturing, 3PL and distribution of drugs companies.


We have a team of highly trained in all financial, logistics, procurement, advanced treasury, both classic ERP scheme and the new S4 / HANA issues.