Our portfolio of Services starts from the moment in which our customers initiate the review and evaluation process of any SAP portfolio solution.  We are capable of supporting our customers from this point onward into the project definition, negotiation (including SAP Licensing negotiation), implementation services and post implementation support.  We can also perform project reviews, “Quality Reviews” Project Management, “PMS Project Management Services, “SAP project implementation and supervision of all of them.

Our area of expertise is moving towards issues related to technological innovation as disruptive schemes in project management.

We have a strong experience in the following industries: “Consumer Products” Distribution “Retail” Banking, insurance, logistics, transport and telecommunications.

Advice in SAP Negotiations

This service consists on providing business advice to the customer/stakeholder in terms of the best way to consume SAP licensing and services to maximize value and return on investment.  This information is critical for an effective RFP creation and RFP execution process.  We provide advice on all fronts; including and not limited to the level of expertise required for various implementations, we are able to assist with evaluating vendors and we can provide expertise to differentiate the software and implementation services requirements for a more structured process and roadmap creation.

Online-SAT is also capable of providing support during proposals review, evaluation and negotiations; including SAP licensing and consulting contract reviews with the intention to maximize value and budget allocation towards specific organizational goals.

Project Review

Our service performs quality checks which must be established within the project schedule, especially at critical stages.



Methodology / Requirements Development



SAP Solution Implementation

Thanks to the extensive SAP implementation services experience we have, Online-SAT offers the professional implementation services with the best resources and the most efficient use of implementation and project management methodologies available for SAP.