SAP Resource Staffing

We have a network/pool of SAP experienced consultants that have been working with us in previous implementations and that we know and have known for years.  These consultants are known for executive quality projects with outstanding results across the region and they are available to you on a time and material basis when needed.

IoT – Integration of Smart Tracking, Smart Inventory (RFID) and Fleet Management (GPS)

We have a range of IoT Solutions and services that are currently running in various customers that could be integrated to the SAP IoT environment “Leonardo.” The solutions we have available are:

– Consulting and implementation services of RFID Solutions for Fixed Assets Management, Inventory Management

– Including vehicle Lot Management for dealers and for the banking industry, etc.)

– Satellite Monitoring System: Total Control GPS for Fleet Management and Vehicle Financing, AVR (Auto Vehicle Recovery)

Risk analysis, audit and IT processes

Auditing information systems is an activity of compliance validation controls and procedures for confidentiality, integrity and availability of information systems. Particularly in SAP systems we rely on SAP GRC tools.

Risk analysis (technology, information security)
System security management
Business continuity planning and disaster recovery plan
Segregation of duties and access assessment