It is a dynamic and agile entrepreneurship, founded with the aim of offering the best alternative SAP services and support to companies in the Caribbean, Central and South Florida.

Online-SAT has a strong portfolio of products and services designed to address specific implementation and operational problems/issues that are present in the SAP Professional Services space. SAP system implementations can be complex and our focus is to simplify and clarify the cycles of implementation and the execution of projects.

Our commitment is to demonstrate value and deliver results when we are given the opportunity to help; our philosophy is to work as a part of your organization’s team and earn our place as an strategic business partner “or trusted advisor”. Our success is measured by the success of our customers and their results. This is why we invest in our professional resources to better support our clientele to keep their strategy on track.

Our Way

Our way is to utilize our skills and our know how to satisfy the needs of companies using our services to enhance their SAP utilization. Our way is to support our customer’s strategy and walk with them each step of the way in their SAP Projects — providing value all the way to become the most efficient consulting company in our region. To achieve this, we constantly work on developing and optimizing disruptive consulting and support services, with a broader focus on the current needs of the market to break market paradigms.

Our North

Our goal is to be recognized locally and internationally as one of the best SAP Consulting Providers.  Our aim is to provide excellence with in our services with highly qualified personnel, excellent response times, satisfying the needs and budget of our customers.




We are a team of SAP professionals with solid track record and deep experience in implementations and projects in various industries. Our experience has enabled us to understand the real needs of the industry and our customers.